The European Year of Cultural Heritage in Estonia

Did you know, that by building a snowman, you are the bearer of cultural heritage? Did you know, that by having a sauna, you are under the spell of our cultural heritage? Did you know, that while eating bread, you are also passing on cultural heritage? It’s the same with singing, playing an instrument or dancing.

Also part of the local cultural heritage are our landscapes, barn-dwellings and sacred groves, as well as manors, military constructions and memorials.
However, cultural heritage is not only a memory from the past, it is also the pillar supporting our future.
Heritage can be modern, trendy, inspirational and abundant; it can make us unique and be engaging.

By drawing on inspiration from cultural heritage, you can rise to be a star on world stages, like the band Trad.Attack!. You can offer others inspiration using Estonian food heritage, and create desirable fashion design through inspiration received from landscapes and patterns.

The European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 will give us the opportunity to highlight the importance of culture and what we can do to preserve, transmit and digitize cultural heritage.

During 2018, there will be many events in Estonia where we can highlight our diverse cultural heritage: from sites with archaeological value to architectural monuments, from medieval strongholds to folklore traditions and artistic heritage, from architecture to music, from barn-dwellings to manor mansions, from literature to landscape heritage. During the European Year of Cultural Heritage, we can introduce our local cultural heritage and also find links and points of contact within the larger European cultural sphere.

Our special traditions enrich the cultural space of Europe, just as we, in turn, benefit from the wealth of culture by being within the European cultural sphere. It is through the cultural spheres of all the various European nations, that the common cultural space of Europe is formed. We will be discussing cultural heritage throughout the year. We invite you to participate in events, to think along and get inspired.

The events of the European Year of Cultural Heritage in Estonia are being coordinated by the National Heritage Board, in co-operation with the Estonian Folklore Council.